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Family On Beach Vacation Running Through DunesCoastal Environmental Consulting, LLC has significant experience securing CAFRA permits for a wide array of projects, including single and multi-unit residential, commercial, mixed use, and public developments.

Generally, within the Coastal Zone a CAFRA (Coastal Area Facilities Review Act) permit is required for:

  • Any development on a beach or dune;
  • Most developments located within 150 feet of a mean high water line (MHWL), beach or dune;
  • Commercial developments resulting in 50 or more parking spaces, residential developments resulting in 25 or more dwelling units, and public developments at sites located more than 150 feet of a MHWL, beach or dune.

If you suspect your project might require a CAFRA permit, call Coastal for a consultation.  Coastal will determine whether your proposed development is exempt from CAFRA, qualifies for a Coastal Permit-by-Rule, or requires a Coastal General Permit or CAFRA Individual Permit.

Coastal secures the following types of CAFRA approvals:

  • CAFRA Exemption Letters;
  • CAFRA Jurisdictional Determinations;
  • CAFRA/Coastal General Permits;
  • CAFRA Individual Permits.

Coastal also provides the following services:

  • CAFRA permit feasibility studies (typically completed for due diligence prior to closing on a property);
  • CAFRA Expert Witness Services.

Beach and Wooden PlankSeveral local engineers, surveyors, architects and attorneys rely on Coastal to handle the CAFRA process for their clients.  Coastal communicates directly with each client to clearly understand their project goals and educate them on the process.  Don’t worry, Coastal does all the heavy lifting for you!

Coastal visits each property to identify environmentally sensitive areas on and adjacent to the project site, prepares the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or Statement of Compliance, prepares and sends the required public notices, submits administratively complete applications to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), tracks the application review, and responds to any questions or comments from the DEP.  In this process, Coastal takes on the role of Project Manager to ensure that your surveyor, engineer and any other consultants provide the documents needed to supplement the application package.  You will have one point of contact for all your CAFRA needs.

Let Coastal’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the Coastal Zone Management Rules work for you.  Contact us today!