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Flood Hazard Area

Coastal Environmental Consulting, LLC secures Flood Hazard Area Permits for residential and commercial projects in flood hazard areas and riparian zones.  Most developments located in flood hazard areas and riparian zones are regulated under the Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:13) and require a Flood Hazard Area Permit.

  • Flood Hazard Areas are 1% chance flood areas, formerly known as 100-year flood zones, and include areas mapped as A Zones and V Zones.
  • Riparian zones include waterways and adjacent areas measuring 50 feet, 150 feet or 300 feet landward of the ordinary high water mark or mean high water line. If you’re working in these areas, chances are a Flood Hazard Area Permit is required.

Coastal secures the following types of Flood Hazard Area approvals:

  • Flood Hazard Area Verifications;
  • Applicability Determinations;
  • Flood Hazard Area General Permits;
  • Flood Hazard Area Individual Permits.

If you suspect your project might require a Flood Hazard Area Permit, call Coastal for a consultation.  Coastal will determine whether your proposed development is exempt from Flood Hazard Area Permitting, qualifies for a Flood Hazard Area Permit-by-Rule, or requires a Flood Hazard Area General Permit or Individual Permit.  Coastal will assist you through the process of determining the limits of flood hazard areas and riparian zones, and securing a Flood Hazard Area Verification if needed.  We will determine whether a Flood Hazard Area Permit is required for your project and obtain an Applicability Determination if a permit is not required.  For regulated developments, we will secure the necessary Flood Hazard Area Permit.

Several local engineers, surveyors, architects and attorneys rely on Coastal to handle the Flood Hazard Area Permitting process for their clients.  Coastal communicates directly with each client to clearly understand their project goals and educate them on the process.  Don’t worry, Coastal does all the heavy lifting for you!

Let Coastal’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the Flood Hazard Area Rules work for you.  Contact us today!