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Coastal Environmental Consulting, LLC secures Tidelands Instruments for fills, structures and dredging located within State-claimed tidelands.  Tidelands, which are also known as riparian lands, are all lands that are currently and formerly flowed by the mean high tide of a natural waterway.  Examples of projects that require a Tidelands Instrument include bulkheads, docks, piers, moorings piles, dredging, bridges, and utilities in State-claimed Tidelands.

The State of New Jersey owns tidal waters up to the current or former mean high water line (MHWL) except for those that have been granted to the upland property owner.  A Tidelands Instrument, such as a Riparian Grant or a Tidelands License/Lease, is required for a fill or structure to occupy State-claimed tidelands.  Likewise, a Tidelands Dredge License is required for any dredging in tidelands that is not located within a riparian grant.  A Tidelands Instrument is written permission from the State for such improvements to be located in tidelands for a fee.

Coastal can determine whether a Tidelands Instrument is required for your project and prepare and submit the necessary application to the Bureau of Tidelands Management.

Several local engineers, surveyors, architects and attorneys rely on Coastal to handle the Tidelands process for their clients.

Let Coastal’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the Tidelands regulations work for you.  Contact us today!