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US Army Corps of Engineers

Coastal Environmental Consulting, LLC secures US Army Corps of Engineers Permits for a variety of projects in waters of the United States.

  • A Section 10 Permit is required for most structures, such as docks, piers, bulkheads, and mooring piles, proposed in navigable waters of the US.
  • A Section 404 Permit is required for the discharge of dredge or fill material in waters of the US.
    • Although Section 404 is assumed by the State of New Jersey for discharges into most wetlands in the State under the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act Rules, certain wetlands projects also require a separate permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Coastal can determine whether a permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers is required for your project.  For regulated developments, we will determine whether the activity qualifies for a Nationwide Permit or requires an Individual Permit.  If your project is covered by a Nationwide Permit, we will determine whether or not Pre-construction Notice (PCN) is required.  We will prepare and submit the PCN to the appropriate US Army Corps of Engineers District Office for review and verification if required. Or, if required, we can secure the individual permit.

army-corp-engineers-2Coastal secures the following types of US Army Corps of Engineers approvals:

  • SPGP 17;
  • SPGP 19;
  • Nationwide Permits;
  • Section 10/Section 404 Individual Permits.

If your project is located in a navigable waterway or might impact wetlands, call Coastal for a consultation.  Coastal will determine whether your project is regulated under Section 10 and/or Section 404 and whether it qualifies for a Nationwide Permit or requires an Individual Permit.

Several local engineers, surveyors, architects and attorneys rely on Coastal to handle the US Army Corps Permitting process for their clients.  Coastal communicates directly with each client to clearly understand their project goals and educate them on the process.  Don’t worry, Coastal does all the heavy lifting for you!

Let Coastal’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the Section 10 and Section 404 regulations work for you.  Contact us today!